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tv   [untitled]    March 25, 2017 4:17am-4:22am EDT

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>> possessed quote an easy uneffected and manners of the well bred. sunday at 6:00 p.m. eastern senior cu senior leads in kansas city, missouri. >> it was the 369th regimen. they were known as the fighters of the fighting rattlesnakes. they were fighting along the river and established their reputation there as incredible
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fighters. >> it is an exemplar of the resill jans and discipline and dedication and patriotism. >> for our complete go to csp cspan.o sunday night on after words lisa reports on traditional banking. she is interviewed by chopra.
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>> and i realized there were good alternatives coming on board so i wanted to tell that whole story. >> watch sunday night. monday night on the communicators we visited the state of the net conference and senior adviser about how congress and companies are addressing questions about
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privacy and cyber security. >> the disruption is so challenging our entire economy and government has no choice but to reflect that reality, and it will. >> and the reason is cyber security is not a problem that
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it was in technology and it will be gone. cyber security is a problem that it is here to stay. >> monday night on cspan 2. >> testified before a sub armed sub committee they altered intelligence related to combatting isis. others included the intelligence as well as officials from the defense department. this is just under an hour.


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